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Below is a partial list of participant feedback:


"As usual, Connie is outstanding.  She puts you through many mock situations which are ultimately very helpful and important to fully understanding the material"


 "Ran smoothly & effectively"

" Very good; a great coach, thank you Connie  "


 "Excellent, unbelievable excellent!!"

“5” Excellent"


"Outstanding and very well run  "


"Amazing!  They make it accessible & fun!  The materials were well explained & they made it applicable to practice "


"Great! "


"Wonderful, informative, relaxed (even though I was forever freaking)  "


"Without flaw and without comparison "


"Very good program excellent teachers"



"Seriously, best taught course I have attended"  


"Outstanding, easy to get to and good student/teacher ratio  "


"Great, best PALS course I have taken"


"The best CPR / ACLS class I’ve ever taken.  Very informative instructor.  Allowed plenty of time to ask questions and review.  I will continue to recommend Critical Care Concepts"


"I am very happy to find Critical Care Concepts.  I truly enjoyed ACLS for the first time"  


"Very knowledgeable, very, very good class!"

"Excellent overall.  The best ACLS recert. Course I have ever taken"

"Thank you – you were a calming influence during a stressful time"

"Best equipment I have ever used in training!"


"I will strongly recommend this program"


“None, I’m really glad this course was offered again before the start of the school year”

“Wonderful class.  I learned so much  than in my last one”

“It was a great class –informational, interactive, and relaxing”

“The course was very informative and friendly”

"Very well taught refresher!"

"Will definitely recommend the program!"

"Thanks for your time!  Quick and effective"

"Great instruction covering all aspects of skills competency."

"Appropriate level of instruction to target audience"

"My 2nd course here, awesome organization and hands on concept.  Great for learners who require tactile learning"

"Connie is a very thorough, skillful instructor and her love for teaching is the best.  Very good course, highly recommended"

"I would recommend Connie’s classes to all my healthcare co-workers who want and need them.  She is an excellent professional"

"Thanks very much.  I learned a lot in a fun way."

"Connie, you do a fabulous job with this course.  I can’t wait to take the Dysrhythmia course"

"Best class I have ever been to!"


"100% I loved it!"

"Great job! Thank you"

"Very good class!"

"Great course! I really learned a lot and as an RN transitioning to pediatric care, I feel much  confident!"

"Great presentation! I learned a lot. Thank you!"

"I thought that the program was put together well. I would consider taking a course here again"

"Great class! Thanks"

"Exceptional - I feel much  prepared to handle an emergency in my work setting! Thank you" "Connie ~ keep the classes small, you learn so much ."

"Great, supportive environment conducive for learning and retention of concepts.  Would highly recommend"

"I loved it, Connie is wonderful!!"

"Connie does a great job – Helps to calm us down so we can think clearly.  This is so important when nerves are high!  Thank you!"

"Best that I’ve been to – but will always still be nerve wracking."

"Great – thank you!"

"Connie is a great teacher"

"Very informative.  Great teacher, very personable & friendly.  Learned a wealth of information!  User friendly & warm atmosphere! Thank you!"

"Very pleased with course"

"Great course.  It helped bring the literature to life.  Thank you!"

"Excellent course!"

"Wonderful course!"

"Fabulous class, very informative"

"Very, very good"

"Great course. Minimal stress.  Supportive to participants."

"Fabulous! Covered all in in-depth details, lots of hands on & question / answer opportunities"

"Would take another class from Connie – anytime!  Time was given for questions, very helpful"

"Very informative, friendly, & flexible to give support & help"

"Excellent Job!!  Very well and informative class."

"Connie, thank you for the hands on questions and answers!  I hope I never have to (use CPR).  The course was excellent"

"A great learning, hands on experience"

"Wonderful job!"

"One of the best programs I have ever attended.  Course material is the best I’ve ever seen as well.  Thank you so much."

"Great program!  Will suggest to others."


"Excellent Instructors!  Keep it up!"

"Connie & Mike were great!!"

"Excellent program.  Connie was an excellent instructor.  She was very open to students asking questions and was patient and kind.  The students performed skills along with the video – great idea!  It saved time and helped validate the skills we were performing.  Excellent class – very satisfied!!"

"Excellent job!"

"This is the best PALS class I have taken.  Excellent."

"Connie was an excellent instructor.  She was patient, clear, organized and informative.  I have attended many CPR/First Aid classes; this one I felt was the best.  Felt very comfortable and certain with what we learned."

"Great teaching approach.  Knowledgeable and helpful.  Takes time to answer questions!  Very hands on with all equipment, including meds."

"Highly effective teaching skills, I would strongly recommend this course."

"The class was very enjoyable and we had a good time.  It was also very informative."

"Thanks for coming out to us!"

"I enjoyed this class very much.  Connie was very thorough and had a lot of patience."

"Great class.  Connie is an excellent instructor."

"I would recommend this course, great instruction, like small class size."

"I thought the class was great.  I got a great understanding of the ACLS process."

"Excellent practical and hands-on emphasis."

"Great class / wonderful instructor (presenter)."

"Connie is a wonderful and effective educator."

"Great job!"

"You were very knowledgeable and helpful."

"Great – thanks!"

"Excellent hands on practice.  Very patient instructor."

"I found it very helpful to the students to watch the video while doing the CPR on infants and adults."

“Awesome – thanks – see you in 2 yrs for PALS recert!”

“Best ACLS course I’ve taken yet!  Connie is wonderful!”

“Connie, you made it so enjoyable and I learned so much ”

“I learned so much  in this type of teaching setting”